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Ondix Terms Of Use


Ondix is a of Premium (or) Standard rate SMS download service provider to Users. You may contact us at 866 229 6636. These terms and conditions set out the basis upon which makes the Service available to all Users of the Service.

Users pay $4.99 per text message alert.
All help messages will not be billed from us. Any fees you incur through your use of the Service will be charged each month onto your cellular phone bill. Your cell phone provider may charge tax and standard text message fees for your use of the Service and any help or account related text messages that sends you.

Service/Help info
To get help, contact us at , 866 229 6636 or visit From your mobile phone, you may request our contact information at any time by texting HELP to 23333 .

Opt In/Opt-Out info
simply text the to from your mobile
phone. Within a minute you will receive a text prompting the service you requested Go ondix 23333.
For Premium SMS campaigns: By replying Y to the double opt-in, you are agreeing to the Terms and Agreements.

How to Opt-out: To opt-out from our SMS service, you can text "STOP" to from your mobile phone and we will unsubscribe you from our SMS text messaging service immediately. You will not receive any
additional messages and will no longer be charged for the service.

Carriers supported on the program
The Service is currently available to most wireless carriers in the United States, including {SUPPORTED CARRIERS}. For all of these carriers, our short code number is . Users can use the Service if they
have the ability to send and receive text-messages on their cell phones.

Each en try cost $4.99/per download plus standard &/or other changes may apply. Text messages sent or received are charged separately or per your plan. Appropriate charges will appear on your wireless phone bill. Text STOP + Ondix to 23333 to end messages. Text HELP to 23333 for program information. Text messaging service & sweepstakes only available through participating wireless carriers. For customer support, call 866 229 6636 or email

Ondix provides Ondix free of use and "as is." Any usage of the site, be it browsing; the purchasing, submitting or reviewing of e-goods; or participating in the site's communication services, such as message boards and chat rooms, constitutes an agreement by the user to adhere to and be bound by the following Terms of Use.

Clarity notice: "E-Goods" is Ondix's name for content (graphics, articles, music files, applications, videos, etc…). E-goods are all the things that you can read, view, download or purchase on Ondix.

In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) that went into effect April 2000, persons younger than 13 years of age are forbidden from becoming a member of Ondix, posting on its message boards, reviewing or submitting e-goods (content), or in any way becoming involved in its other communication services without direct written consent from a parent or guardian.

Liability Disclaimer
Ondix cannot guarantee or warranty the accuracy or validity of the e-goods submitted and posted to Ondix. Although Ondix has in place reasonable measures to test for a download's valid performance, restrict offensive content and safeguard against harmful devices, neither Ondix nor its Community Managers shall be held responsible or liable for any damages that may result from the download or use of any e-goods that are placed on or transmitted via Ondix.

Users participate on Ondix at their own risk. Neither Ondix nor its Community Managers shall be liable for any damages or losses that result from a user's participation in any communication service or Community activity. Users shall be responsible for their own actions while on Ondix; while downloading, reviewing or submitting e-goods to the site; and while interpreting and acting in response to any posting or e-goods found on Ondix.

Ondix retains the right to modify, add or disable, either permanently or temporarily, any service or feature of Ondix at anytime and without notice. Users agree that Ondix shall not be held liable for any loss or damage arising out of any interruption of service distribution. Ondix makes no warranty that Ondix will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free.

Users subject to the conditions of these Terms of Use agree to indemnify Ondix, its Community Managers, officers, directors and employees for any damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, that accrue as a result of or arising from any third party's claim against the user's activities on Ondix, including any violation of these Terms of Use, the Code of Conduct, copyright, trademark, patent or protected material infringement, or any claim of defamation, slander, liable or the like.

Legal Issues
Users must agree to abide by all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations. The law of the State of California will govern any disputes that arise out of a user's participation in a Ondix Community. Any and all actions and proceedings relating to a Community or its activities shall take place in courts located in the State of California.

If any portion of this agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, it shall be superseded by the valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the original's nature and intent. In this event, the remaining provisions shall all maintain their integrity, validity and enforceability. Ondix's failure to act upon a particular breach or violation, or to enforce any right or provision of this agreement shall, in no way, waive its right to act upon or enforce subsequent violations or provisions similar in nature.

Regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or legal action resulting from, including or regarding Ondix must be filed within one year of the origination of the grievance.

Improper Usage and Conduct on Ondix

Participation in any Ondix Community is a privilege, not a right. As such, visitors, Members, Residents and other participants on Ondix will be held to the highest standard of public etiquette and decorum. Although all users shall be held accountable for their own conduct, Ondix has compiled the following list of inappropriate conduct and unacceptable uses of Ondix. Failure to comply with these terms will result in the immediate termination of a user's account.

     1. Offensive language of any nature cannot be tolerated on Ondix. Since it is difficult to define what is offensive, the ultimate decision will rest with the Community Manager. However, the Community Manager is required to base his/her decisions on the following guidelines.
No sexually offensive language - Sexually offensive shall be defined as, but not limited to, any language that demeans, demoralizes or degrades any gender or sexual preference or that graphically or explicitly depicts any sexual act.

No racist or intolerant language - Racist or intolerant shall be defined as, but not limited to, any language that is degrading, bigoted, hateful, inciting, threatening, or vulgar toward any individual or group based on skin color, ethnic background, religious or political affiliation, sexual preference or other personal affinity.

No profane language - Profane shall be defined as, but not limited to, any language that is, by its nature, vulgar, obscene, indecent or abusive to other members.

     2. Personal attacks or the defamation of another's character on or through Ondix is strictly prohibited. This includes posting any message, submitting any e-goods or in any other way supplying information that could be construed as libelous, harassing, stalking, abusive, harmful, threatening, degrading or invasive to the privacy of any individual or group. The posting of any private information, either factual or rumored, regarding an individual or group is also prohibited.

     3. Users shall neither post nor submit to Ondix e-mails; portions of text or graphics from e-mails; or any other messages written or created by another individual as part of a private communication.

     4. Users shall, in no way, use Ondix in the planning, promoting or inciting of any illegal activity.
     5. Users shall, in no way, collect or use any other member's information for commercial purposes or financial gain without direct, written consent from the member. The use of any Ondix e-goods, name, logo or business model for resell or other financial or commercial purpose, without the permission of Ondix, is strictly prohibited.

     6. Users shall not send chain letters, junk mail, "spamming", solicitations or any other bulk communication to Ondix's Community members without specific permission from the members themselves.

     7. Users shall not post, submit or transmit any material, data, e-goods or information that violates any local, state, national or international law or that promotes any illegal activity or incites others to illegal or violent actions.

     8. Users shall neither disguise the origin of any posted comment or submitted e-goods; impersonate any other person, either real or fictitious; or misrepresent any type of affiliation with another party.

     9. Users shall not interfere with, modify or, in any way, disrupt Ondix, its servers, networks, other properties or components through the malicious or inadvertent transmission of software, code, viruses, worms, bits or other disruptive programs or files. Nor shall users employ such methods to interfere with, modify or disrupt the systems or data of any other Ondix user or affiliate.

     10. Users shall not, in any way, interfere with another user's rights, including, but not limited to, their right to positive, effective communication free from offensive content, personal attacks and the perpetual posting of comments unrelated to the Community or its current topic.

Copyright Restrictions
Each user of Ondix is legally and ethically responsible for any e-goods or comments he/she submits or posts to the site. Ondix prohibits the posting or submitting of any text, graphic, video file, audio file, concept, information or any other material that infringes on any patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, right to privacy, right to publicity, or any other applicable law or proprietary right.

By submitting e-goods to the site, the user is stating that he/she owns the proprietary rights to the content and agrees to allow Ondix to post it to their public site; or that the proper usage rights of the material have been granted to the user by the owner and it can legally be used by Ondix. Based on this implied statement, Ondix's Community Manager will assume sufficient rights to the e-goods have been granted and will, at his/her discretion, post the e-goods to Ondix.

Users are responsible and liable for the legal and ethical maintenance of e-goods once they have been purchased, viewed and/or downloaded to a personal computer. All e-goods placed on Ondix are protected under the proprietary rights of their owners or creators. Users who purchase the digital e-goods may not violate these proprietary rights through the reproduction, duplication or distribution of the items. Users found to have violated these proprietary rights shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Notice of claims of copyright or proprietary rights infringement must be submitted in writing to:

Ondix Editor
9500 Zelzah Ave. 315D
Northridge, CA 91325

User Responsibilities
Each user of Ondix is legally and ethically responsible for any e-goods or comments he/she posts or submits to Ondix and for any resulting consequences.
Users are responsible for any e-goods downloaded to their system and any consequences of such action. Although Ondix does have in place reasonable safeguards to protect its users from damaging software programs and content, it cannot guarantee or warranty the harmlessness, validity or accuracy of any e-goods that are placed on its site. Users agree that Ondix is not responsible for any system damages that result from the downloading of e-goods from Ondix.
The advice and viewpoints expressed by any Ondix visitor, Member, Resident, Community Manager, guest or employee are not necessarily endorsed by Ondix. Users agree that it is their responsibility to evaluate the risks and accept the consequences of any utilization of advice obtained on Ondix. In addition, Ondix neither controls nor necessarily endorses the material placed on any site affiliated or linked to Ondix. These sites are provided solely as reference and users are responsible for their own actions on these sites and must follow the sites' Terms of Use while visiting.

Community Managers and other Ondix employees may terminate, at their discretion and without notice, the account of any user who fails to follow Ondix's established Community Code of Conduct and Terms of Use agreement.

Community Managers and other Ondix employees may remove, at their discretion and without notice, any posting or submitted content that violates Ondix's established Community Code of Conduct and Terms of Use agreement.

Strict adherence to these Terms of Use is required of all visitors and users of Ondix. There shall be no exceptions.

The Ondix web site, its graphics, text, software and content management systems are protected under US patent, copyright and trademark laws. All rights are reserved.

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