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Ondix Referral Progam

The benefits:
- Unlimited amount of referrals. Refer as many people as you want and get $5 for each user referred.
- Withdraw your funds anytime as long as you accumulate more then $50.
- Since Ondix membership is free, users do not hesitate to sign up.
- Ondix has state-of-art referral tracking system. Search, manage and track your referrals in real time.

Limitations and conditions:
- $5 is paid only after a user you referred post at least one qualified listing* on Ondix.
- Please do not spam! If you spam and somebody complains to Ondix, we will cancel your account and will not pay you anything.
- Each referral is manually reviewed before payment is made. Please do not try cheat or try to obtain your referrals in a fraudulent way.

How to:
- Any registered Ondix user may refer a friend. Our referral program comes with user membership. You do not need to do anything else or sign up for anything extra.
- When users register with Ondix, they are asked to provide a 'referred by' login name. Make sure that your referrals put your Ondix login name in this field when they register.**
- You may track your referrals from your referral search. When you login, use Ondix navigation menu and go 'Extras' > 'My Referrals'; there you will be able to track every one of your referrals.
- Withdrawal of your funds is simple. If you have more then $50, go to 'My money' > 'Withdrawal' and select how you would want to get it: via check or paypal.

Referral Statuses
There could be 5 different referral statuses:
- Not Verified Yet - means that user has registered, but did not verify his or her account.
- Not Qualified Yet - means that user has registered and did verify his or her account, but did not yet posted anything.
- Awaiting Approval - means that this referral is fully qualified, but waiting to be approved by Ondix staff. Usually it takes less then 3 business days.
- Rejected - means that this referral has been reviewed by Ondix staff and has been rejected. Please read our Term and Conditions on why the referral could be rejected.
- Paid - means that Ondix staff has reviewed this referral, and $5 has been deposited into your account. You may also see the transaction under 'My Money' > 'Transactions'.

By participating in Ondix referral program you agree to Ondix Referral Program Agreement

* Qualified listing is any listing that has a price of at least $5 and is not like any other listing (the 'like' is solely determined by Ondix)

** The join page of Ondix is at If you like to automatically fill out the 'referred by' field, send your referrals to
Substitute yourlogin with your Ondix login name. Also notice the https not the http.

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