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Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions What is Omdix?
  Is it free?
  How does it work?
  Is it secure (or safe)?
Plagiarism Plagiarism and Omdix
  To post or not to post?
Account Specific What can I post (upload)?
  What are royalty payments?
  What can I do to come up first on the search?
Feedback What is user feedback?

What is Omdix?
Take the best of Ebay, Paypal, Yahoo and Google, put it together, give a college twist and you will get Omdix. is
- Fast, accurate, google-like content search
- Huge marketplace where users can create free accounts and then post content
- Simple, easy to understand forum and requests sections where users can seek help and interact with other users.
- Comprehensive account management system.

Is it free?
Yes. It does not cost anything to create a user account. It does not cost anything to search, post your content or requests for content. The content itself, however, will cost whatever a user who posts it would set (might be free too).

How does it work?
Anybody can visit Omdix and search for material. If found, material could be instantly purchased online using credit card or download if it is free. All of the material on is the property of Omdix. If visitor cannot find the material needed, he or she may post the request in the 'request section'. Other visitors or Omdix staff may view posted requests and contact the poster with help. Some visitors may become the Independent Content Providers (ICP). Once Omdix approves an application for ICP (subject to user agreement), users may login to their account, manage their profiles, upload and maintain content. ICPs may receive the royalty payments from Omdix, if their content has been sold; all in accordance with ICP agreement.

Is it secure (or safe)?
Yes, Omdix uses industry-standard 128-bit Secure Certificate when dealing with any sensitive information.

Plagiarism and Omdix
You may not submit someone else's work as your own for academic credit. In fact, you may not even take any ideas from our work without citing us as the original source in your own term paper. Doing so places you at risk of failure and even possible expulsion! Additionally, it may place you in an adversarial legal relationship with our company or with those who write for us. Most students use our research as model examples -- just like when you have a friend who took the same course as you a year before. If that friend got an "A" on the class term paper, you'd probably want to see their paper to get a feel for how yours should look. The same idea applies here: You have no friend who wrote the same paper last year, so you're requesting a perfect model term paper from us to get a better idea of how your own paper should look! The intended purpose of our term papers is that they be used as models to assist you in the preparation of your own term papers or in quickening your research. The Omdix, or its affiliates will NEVER sell a model paper to ANY student giving us ANY reason to believe that he or she will submit our work, either in whole or part, for academic credit at any institution under their own name. IF YOU QUOTE FROM OUR WORK, YOU MUST CITE OUR PAPER AS ONE OF YOUR SOURCES. The Omdix does not engage nor participate in any transactions for the purpose of assisting students in committing academic fraud. This service is NOT available to anyone who does not have a valid, ethical reason for seeking our tutorial assistance.

To post or not to post?
Independent Content Providers MUST follow Omdix ICP agreement. Where Omdix specified exactly what is allowed and what is not. In short, do not upload what is not yours.

What can I post (upload)?
You may post any content as long as it complies with Omdix user agreement and terms of use. You may also attach files in the following formats: text (.txt), word documents (.doc), Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf), image files (.gif,.jpg,.png). To prevent server abuse, Omdix imposes 200kb size limit on each file. Each item can have up to 100 different files attached. Therefore, it is very unlikely you will run out of space.

Is there a limit of material I can post?
No, you may post as much as you want.

Do my posts expire?
No, once posted your content will stay in Omdix search until you disable or delete it.

What are royalty payments?
Independent Content Providers may recieve the royalty payments from Omdix for the content they have posted. Please refer to ICP FAQs for detailed information.

What is user feedback?
Omdix maintains Ebay-like user feedback to help users to determine or establish good stand.

What can I do to come up first on the search?
Omdix is dedicated to maintaining fast and accurate search. Please follow our guidelines provided on the content upload page. Users found abusing Omdix search engine will have their account terminated immediately, and will be permanently blocked from using any Omdix resources, no matter how long they had their account and high their feedback.

Why Omdix is better then others?

Well, just like any other business Omdix is build to succeed! Online essay-term-paper-book-reports websites are fearless! Built by students, these websites have the latest Internet trends, designs, and functionality, far surpassing any normal business and commercial website. Competition in this area is very high.

Advertising of these websites makes credit card fraud seem like a child's play. Whoever runs these websites is educated (heck, is that why they go to college?) and very well informed about search engine, and Internet advertising. But more importantly will not hesitate to use 'dirty' tricks to get ahead.

Considering the facts above Omdix was build to withstand any blows below the belt. Technically speaking, Omdix is not in a direct competition with any of those websites, read 'what is Omdix' above. Each one of these websites screams that they have billions and kazzilions of term papers and essays, few of them actually do. But how can you check?

All of these websites have the 'search'. But how effective is it? Does it search by school? Subject? Title? Teacher name? What is the use of those billions and kazzilions of term papers and essays when you cannot even find what you want? In many cases (let's not point fingers) it will not even go past 10th page…

Omdix does realize that sooner then later there will be a website that does the same, but we are not standing on one spot either. By the time it gets here, it will have a lot of catching up to do.

At this time comparing Omdix to its 'competition' is like comparing Mercedes-Benz to Kia. However, have to admit, there are some nice looking Kia's out there.

Omdix is built for speed!
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