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Ondix Code of Conduct
Ondix provides an open, public forum for its members to meet, discuss issues and build relationships with others in a Community. It encourages the free exchange of ideas and even argument, but it condemns any activity that creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for others.

Communication Guidelines
As a member of any Ondix Community you may not:
Post any messages or submit any e-goods that, in any way, frighten, threaten, harass or endanger any other person, either within or outside of the Community.
Use sexually explicit language or expressions of profanity, racism, intolerance or hatred. Such language will result in immediate expulsion from the site.
Post any messages or submit any e-goods that disseminate defamatory, libelous, profane, obscene, or in any way illegal material.
Persistently post off-topic comments, inciting or inflammatory statements, or participate in any activity that detracts from Community efforts and activities.
Post any messages or submit any e-goods that violate copyright, trademark, patent or trade secret protection laws, rights of privacy and publicity, or any other applicable laws. Members will be held solely responsible for any unlawful submission of proprietary e-goods.
Reproduce, duplicate or distribute any e-goods purchased or downloaded from Ondix. This is a violation of proprietary rights law.
Disseminate any material, such as a virus, worm, Trojan horse or bot, that could damage another user's computer or stored data or that would allow someone to inappropriately access software or Web sites. The transmition of technical data or software restricted by U.S. law is also prohibited.
Impersonate any other person, either real or fictitious, or misrepresent any type of affiliation with another party.
Include any personal information in an open correspondence. Ondix is a public forum so providing personal information via the site could be dangerous.

Member Responsibilities
As a member of any Ondix Community you are responsible for:
Adherence to all applicable local, state, national and international laws.
All acts that occur under your account.
All submissions, Reviews and comments that you post on Ondix.
Any actions taken based on the advice or information you received on Ondix or any of its linked or affiliated sites.
The decision to download e-goods from Ondix and any damages that may result.

Ondix may terminate, at its discretion and without notice, the account of any member who fails to follow the established Community Code of Conduct agreement.
Ondix may remove, at its discretion and without notice, any postings or submitted e-goods that violate the established Community Code of Conduct agreement.

Further details on all restrictions and terms stated in the Community Code of Conduct are described in Ondix Terms of Use.

Ondix reserves the right to amend or change the Community Code of Conduct at any time without notice. Members agree to periodically review the Code to ensure cooperation.
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